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Stolen Copper Wires Lead to Fatality

Apr 13, 2015

An early Saturday morning crash related to stolen copper wires killed one person in a tragic wreck. The accident occurred at Scarritt and Hardesty avenues.

Law enforcement officials report that witnesses saw a vehicle driving in an erratic and suspicious manner early on Saturday morning. When officials attempted to follow the vehicle, the driver fled the scene.

While law enforcement officials gave up chasing the car, they found the car later on during their routine patrols. Law enforcement officials stated that they came upon the car, it was fully engulfed in flames.

The driver of the vehicle died in the fire, but two other individuals were rescued. Witnesses reported it took firefighters a long time to arrive on the scene.

Interestingly enough, firefighters were late to the scene, because thieves stole copper wire from an AT&T communications line that would have alerted the local fire department sooner.

Officials estimate that the stolen copper wires interrupted communications and caused officials to arrive at the scene five minutes later than they would have otherwise. Kansas City Fire Department officials were unable to get ahold of Fire Station 23, the closest station house to the accident, for several minutes.

The names of the victims were not released and it is unclear what caused the accident. The passengers are being treated in area hospitals, but details about their condition have not been made public.

Copper wires are being stolen all across the country. Companies that use copper wires in gauge wires and insulated cable TV wires are experiencing a rise in thefts.

Copper wires in cables are responsible for providing internet connections and telephone services. Experts estimate that nearly 1,500 customers can be served by a single copper wire. State lawmakers across the country are proposing tougher sanctions in order to decrease the number of copper wire thefts.

Thefts do not usually result in tragic deaths, but when a theft is related to compromising the communication networks that we rely upon, the consequences can be tragic and devastating.

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