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Ikea Dresser Tip-Overs Pose Risks to Children

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After the deaths of two toddlers, Ikea has issued a warning that their chests and drawers are not safe around children unless they are anchored to the wall. In an effort to prevent more injuries or deaths, the company is providing free wall anchor kits to 27 million people who purchased MALM drawers and dressers.

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Through a partnership with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the company is providing the free kits to anyone with 23.5 inch or taller children’s drawers or 29.5 inch or taller adult dressers. This is not a recall, but Ikea hopes to prevent anymore incidents.

The initiative came after the deaths of two toddlers that occurred just three months apart in 2014. The first, occurred after a 48-inch dresser tipped over and pinned a 2-year-old Pennsylvania boy between the drawers and a bed. Three months later, a 23-month old child from Washington died after a 30-inch dresser tipped over onto the child. The dressers were not secured to the wall in either situation.

The CPSC and Ikea are aware of 14 additional reports of MALM drawers causing injuries after tipping over. Ikea also knows of three additional deaths that have occurred since 1989 that were caused by other models of drawers.

Since 2000, the CPSC has identified about a half a million tip-over injuries in addition to 430 deaths. The majority of victims are children and two-thirds of the deaths were caused by the toppling of televisions and TV stands.

Though Ikea has taken an initiative by issuing the warning and giving out free anchor kits, these products still pose a great threat to children and have caused a number of injuries.

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