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Dangerous Scaffold Kills Painter on Parvin Road

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A painter was trapped on a scaffolding on Thursday morning at a worksite on the 8800 block of Northeast Parvin Road, the man was forced to jump from the scaffolding because it was unsteady.

Though he was able to jump, before the scaffolding fell, he died from injuries he sustained in the accident.

Officials from the KCMO Fire Department report that the man intentionally jumped off the scaffolding after it fell 25 feet.

The man who died and his coworker were both painting a building at Inland Truck Parts and Services when the scaffolding fell. One man rode the scaffolding all the way down. The other man jumped off and landed on a truck below.

Unfortunately, the 23-year-old who jumped off and landed on the truck was crushed by the lift that was holding the scaffolding up. The lift collapsed and pinned the young man who had landed on the truck.

The man who rode the lift all the way down sustained minor injuries. He was treated at the scene by emergency medical responders, but was released without being transported to a hospital.

We send our sincerest condolences to the family of the young man who was killed. That is a sudden tragedy that no one should have to experience.

Employers and manufacturing companies that expose their workers to these types of dangers should be held responsible.

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