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What Does Personal Injury Law Include?

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Every day, situations occur around the country that leave innocent people injured at no fault of their own. Whether these situations are accidental or intentional, victims deserve to be able to hold responsible parties accountable. If you have suffered a devastating personal injury, you may find it necessary to utilize personal injury law to pursue a claim against the party who caused you harm.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law concerns cases where a person has suffered harm as a result of an accident or injury where the legal responsibility for the incident may fall on someone else. It is a civil matter, not criminal. In a personal injury case, a plaintiff seeks compensation for damages related to the injury which they have sustained, ranging from present medical expenses to future loss of earnings potential. A lawsuit may be filed in court, or a settlement may be arrived at between the parties involved.

Common Personal Injury Law Practice Areas

Personal injury lawyers may take on various types of injury-related cases. Common practice areas of personal injury law include:

Personal injury lawyers work to hold responsible parties accountable for the injuries you have sustained and to assist you in recovering damages either through a settlement or by taking your case to trial.

Laws Regarding Personal Injury Cases

While other legal areas have statutes dictating rules, personal injury law has been developed through written works by scholars in the legal field, and by related court decisions. While some states may have personal injury law statutes on the books, court decisions are typically considered as the origin of laws in personal injury cases. This is generally referred to as case law or common law, as opposed to statutory and regulatory law.

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