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Spring Into Bicycle Safety

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Tips for Bicyclists to Stay Safe on the Road

When a crash happens between a bicyclist and motorist, it goes without saying that the bicyclist is at a much greater risk of sustaining a severe injury. While you can’t predict when a bicycle accident will happen, it’s critical to stay prepared for safety at all times. Here are three ways to prevent bicycle accidents and injuries.

Protect Your Head

Wearing a helmet can keep your head protected from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) if you are involved in abicycle accident. TBIs are the top cause of death and long-term disabilities related to bicycle crashes. For optimal protection, ensure that the helmet you choose meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Ensure Your Bicycle is the Right Fit For You

When choosing a bicycle, it’s critical that it fits you properly to remain in control of the bike while riding. To ensure the right fit, when standing over the top of the bicycle, there should be 1-2 inches of space between you and the bar. For the proper seat height, your fully extended leg with your foot on the ground should have a slight bend when the other foot is on the pedal.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Since bicycles are considered vehicles in Missouri, bicyclists must abide by all road rules, including:

  • Riding in the direction of traffic
  • Obeying traffic lights, signals, and lane markings
  • Use hand signals when turning
  • Yield to pedestrians

Following road rules can limit the risk of being hit by a vehicle driver.

Stay Visible to Motorists

When out for a bike ride, it’s critical to assume that drivers cannot see you. From blind spots to distracted driving behaviors, being alert and focused can help you avoid a severe bicycle crash. Wear bright, reflective clothing at all times (day or night), and ensure you have bicycle reflectors on the front and back of your bicycle to increase visibility to others.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident? We Can Help.

Even though you may ride defensively and take safety precautions when sharing the road with other motorists, bicyclists are still at risk of being injured in a crash. When motorists are engaging in distracted driving behaviors, it’s considered a negligent act. When it results in a bicyclist sustaining life-threatening injuries, we are here to help. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions and defend your rights.

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