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Missouri Auto Accident Statistics [Infographic]

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The Prevalence of Missouri Auto Accidents

While many people take to the road each day, they may not think of the potential dangers they face each time they get behind the wheel. Each year, there is an increasing number of vehicles throughout the nation, which means an increased risk of potential collisions between vehicles. Here are the stats every driver should know.

Missouri Crash Data


In Missouri, the statistics regarding the number of crashes and their severity are alarming.


According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Statistical Analysis Center statistics, As of August 29, 2021, there were 645 fatal vehicle collisions. In 2020, the yearly total was 987. The number of fatalities is serious to consider but just as critical is the number of individuals injured due to collisions. However, understanding what causes these collisions is also essential in the fight to help prevent them.

Common Causes of Collisions

The latest data from the MSHP SAC shows that 22,474 collisions in 2014 involved individuals who were speeding. Another 5,976 involved drinking and driving. The numbers were split between age groups, with older drivers accounting for 42,747 total collisions and younger drivers accounting for 32,673 collisions.

The Missouri Department of Transportation reports that Missouri traffic fatalities increased 12% in 2020 compared to the year before. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 989 lives were lost in Missouri traffic collisions in 2020, up from 881 in 2019.

The Consequences of Auto Collisions

Any collision can cause the victim to endure financial hardships, but there are also many physical hardships that the victim may endure due to the crash. Auto accidents may lead to injuries like lacerations, amputations, severe concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, damage to internal organs, and more. These injuries can result from several factors, including whiplash, body parts hitting the vehicle frame, broken and shattered glass, airbags, and more.

Injured in a Car Crash? We Can Help.

When this happens, and someone else is at fault for the collision, the negligent party should be held financially accountable for the damages the victim sustains. This type of situation calls for a skilled lawyer to stand by the side of the injured party to navigate the complex legal system.

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