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Who Has the Right of Way at a 4-way Stop?

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Understanding the Rules of the Road
It’s common knowledge that a 4-way stop sign means that all drivers approaching must come to a complete stop. However, many people get confused about who should proceed first after stopping — and confusion can be the catalyst for a crash. Here are the complete rules when it comes to 4-way intersections.

First to Arrive is the First To Proceed
If you are the first car to pull up to a 4-way intersection, you have the right-of-way. Cars that pull up to the intersection at different times should proceed in the order they arrived. It makes no difference which direction each vehicle is going.

Stopped at the Same Time? Vehicle to the Right Goes First
When two cars stop at an intersection simultaneously or close to the same time, the car on the right has the right-of-way. If another vehicle has pulled up to the intersection, the cars that arrived simultaneously will proceed through the intersection first.

Vehicle Going Straight Goes Before Vehicle Turning
If two vehicles are across the intersection from each other, and no other cars are present, if both cars are going straight, they can proceed simultaneously. If one car is turning and the other is going straight, the car going straight has the right-of-way.

Right Turning Vehicles Go Before Left Turning Vehicles
If two vehicles are directly across from each other and pull up to the four-way stop sign simultaneously, the vehicle turning right has the right-of-way (assuming the other vehicle is turning left).

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