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How to File a Personal Injury Claim For Firework Injuries

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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireworks cause injuries to over 13,000 people every year. Although most of these fireworks are permitted, mishaps may still occur due to other people’s negligence. It’s critical for victims to remember that such circumstances could give rise to a personal injury lawsuit.

What Are Covered Damages?

The damages covered by pyrotechnics-related personal injury lawsuits range widely. As a result, if you were wounded by fireworks that were defective or used pyrotechnics carelessly, you can be eligible for the following:

Medical costs: Personal injury damages for injuries would cover the cost of any emergency care, surgeries, doctor visits, or other medical care required as a consequence of a fireworks accident. Typically, you should wait until you have reached your highest level of medical improvement (MMI, or maximum medical improvement) before calculating them.

Lost wages: If your accident prohibits you from working, you are entitled to compensation for lost income or earning potential. Additionally, you should be qualified to file a claim for lost future income if your injury renders you permanently disabled and unable to work at your former job.

While the losses listed above may be calculated, damages for distress and pain and suffering are less clear. In most circumstances, the total number or amount of your economic damages (medical expenses, lost wages, etc.) is multiplied by a number based on how much pain and suffering you have experienced; however, a per diem method may also be used.

Losses in Firework-Related Accidents

How to File a Personal Injury Claim For Firework InjuriesRarely, punitive damages may be granted if the offender commits very egregious or malicious conduct, such as recklessly setting off fireworks or intentionally causing injury to others. Even though they do not apply to the great majority of personal injury cases, they may add up to very significant amounts.

And although there are many ways to assess the technical merits of your case, other factors, such as the defendant’s financial stability, may limit the compensation you may seek for your damages.

You won’t be able to recover as much from the defendant (the person who hurt you) if they don’t have enough insurance to pay your losses. This is probably less of an issue in cases involving product liability or if the defendant is an insured professional.

Furthermore, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to seek compensation for damages if the defendant cannot be shown to have been negligent or reckless in causing your injuries. If your case looks weak, the defendant may be able to negotiate a lower payment.

This may be especially difficult if your injury was brought on by faulty fireworks since it will be more harder to determine who was at fault and, therefore, who was negligent. However, you should get in touch with a Missouri personal injury attorney immediately soon if you’re unsure how to proceed with your claim or if you may need to file a lawsuit after a fireworks mishap.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Kansas City

Summer’s arrival, along with rising temperatures and outdoor events, increases the risk of disastrous fireworks mishaps.

For many years, Peterson & Associates, P.C. has assisted those hurt in comparable accidents in Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident brought on by someone else’s negligence or defective pyrotechnics, we may be able to help you pursue financial compensation.

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