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Common Injuries Caused By Fireworks

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Independence Day is marked with festivities and picnics. It also, unfortunately, can mean injuries caused by pyrotechnics.

In point of fact, sparklers and small pyrotechnics account for the majority of these injuries. A sparkler is not a toy for children, contrary to popular belief. Sparklers generate temperatures capable of melting metal. Thus, the best way to avoid injury is to let experts handle fireworks and observe from a distance. And of course, it’s essential to be familiar with these frequent fireworks-related injuries and what to do in the event of such an accident.

Top Fireworks-Related Injuries

Common Injuries Caused By FireworksThe most frequent injury from pyrotechnics is a burnt hand or finger. A mild burn produces discomfort and redness, while more severe burns result in blistering. Furthermore, the most severe burns result in white, leathery skin and damage under the surface.

Again, children should not use fireworks, and neither children nor adults should touch a firecracker that has not yet exploded. If you decide to use fireworks, have water nearby in the event of a fire. Minor burns may be treated with cleansing and nonprescription pain medication. All other burns need immediate care.

Eye injuries are another frequent kind of victim injury. Fireworks may cause eye damage ranging from slight burns to total blindness, as the explosion of a firework emits hazardous particles into the air. These particles may then penetrate the eyeball.

Wear protective eyewear while working with fireworks, or attend a fireworks display instead of setting off fireworks at home. And no matter where you’re watching, ensure that you position yourself at least 500 feet away. There is no first assistance for eye injuries caused by fireworks, other than to leave the eye alone and seek immediate medical care.

Lacerations & Facial Injuries From Fireworks

Fireworks may inflict serious hand injuries in addition to burns. Among them include severe lacerations, damaged tendons, and shattered bones. Hand injuries that are severe necessitate immediate care, but before emergency assistance comes, some first aid may be helpful. Remove any jewelry, wrap the hand in a clean towel, use an ice pack, and keep the hand elevated.

Even worse, face injuries caused by explosive explosions may be particularly severe. In addition to injuring the eyes, fireworks may cause facial burns or also include fractures. To bypass injury, avoid using any form of explosive fireworks and never ignite a fuse while hunched over a fireworks device. If you do sustain an injury, keep your head above your heart and apply a clean towel or cold compress to the wound. Obtain emergency attention immediately.

Fireworks Causing Hand Injuries & Hearing Loss

Worse still, many fireworks-related serious hand injuries result in the loss of a finger or thumb. First aid comprises washing, covering with a clean cloth, adding ice, and maintaining a raised hand until emergency assistance arrives. If a missing fingertip is located, it should be cleaned with a saltwater solution. Then, wrap it in gauze and seal it in a waterproof bag before placing it on ice. Bring the injured finger to the emergency department.

Meanwhile, the very loud noise of fireworks might result in severe hearing damage, which could be permanent. Officials use decibels to measure noise levels. For instance, noise over 85 dB might cause hearing loss, and a firecracker exploding three feet away may generate up to 150 decibels. In addition to hearing loss, further symptoms may include ear discomfort and ringing in the ears. Maintain a minimum distance of 500 feet from fireworks to avoid hearing damage. First aid consists of covering the ears and removing the victim from the noise. And in the aftermath of your injury, ensure you make an appointment with your doctor for an ear and hearing examination.

Kansas City Firework Injury Lawyer

As we head into the summer months, the likelihood that someone may suffer a major injury from pyrotechnics rises annually. If you’ve sustained fireworks-related injuries, you must contact a personal injury attorney in Kansas City immediately. There may be choices available to assist you in moving ahead.

Our staff at Peterson & Associates, P.C. has decades of expertise defending people injured in Kansas City and around the United States due to fireworks incidents. After a firework accident, our attorneys can help you get justice.

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