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Speeding Accidents

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After a speeding accident, you may be confused and in pain. You are not alone. Over 10,000 families are impacted by speeding accidents and fatalities each year. When negligent drivers speed and cause accidents, our Kansas City car accident lawyers are here to help right the wrongs.

Peterson & Associates, P.C. is an accident and injury law firm with a proven history of claims success, helping thousands of Missouri residents. Why do injury victims continually turn to us for counsel? Award-winning advocates, $500+ million collected*, and genuine attorney-client relationships.

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The Consequences of Speeding

From pedestrians to motorcycle riders to passenger vehicle drivers, nearly everyone can find themselves at risk of being involved in a speeding accident. While pedestrians and motorcyclists are at an increased risk of injury in a speeding accident, these collisions can cause serious damages for any individual. Even simply going over the speed limit by 5 mph can have a devastating impact.

Some of the most common injuries in such accidents include:

Though most people don’t think of speeding as endangering others on the road, this aggressive driving behavior can be costly for those who are involved in an accident as a result. The Kansas City auto accident attorneys at our firm are here to hold speeding drivers responsible. Call us today if you need counsel.

Does Speeding Increase the Risk of Fatality?

The National Safety Council reports that 1 in 4 accidents involves a speeding vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that accidents involving speeding cost society more than $75,000/minute—and around $40 billion worldwide.

The numbers seem astronomical, but even more concerning is the severity of the injuries involved in a high-speed motor vehicle accident. Speeds above 30 mph can significantly increase the risk of pedestrian fatality. As speeding accidents result in around 13,000 fatalities every year, it is clear that this is no small issue. When drivers neglect to pay attention to marked speed limits or adjust their speed to weather conditions, it can lead to life-long injuries or fatalities for accident victims.

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Why Hire a Speeding Accident Attorney in Missouri?

An experienced attorney can be the difference between being taken advantage of by insurance companies and holding them accountable. Make sure that you have an advocate on your side who has a proven record of recovering just compensation.

Our Missouri accident lawyers help clients injured in speeding accidents get:

  • Justice for their injuries
  • Compensation for their physical and emotional injuries
  • Money for damage to physical property
  • Compensation for lost wages and medical bills
  • Restitution for wrongful death

At the end of the day, our Kansas City injury attorneys are passionate about securing justice for clients who have been victimized in speeding car accidents.

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