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First Injury Accident for Google Self-Driving Car

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Google announced this week that its self-driving prototype was involved in its first injury accident. So far, the vehicles, which have been roaming around Mountain View’s streets in California for the last six years, have now been involved in 14 car accidents.

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Google officials are quick to point out that none of the vehicles have been found at-fault for reported accidents. The tech giant claims the vehicles have been rear-ended 11 of the 14 times.

The most recent accident marks the first reported injury crash for the self-driving cars. After complaining of whiplash, the three Google employees who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident were examined at a hospital before being cleared to return to work. The driver of the other vehicle also complained of back and neck pain.

According to the accident report, the Google vehicle was traveling about 15 miles per hour behind two cars as they approached a congested intersection. Despite a green light, the first car stopped at the intersection because cars on the other side were not moving. Subsequently the second vehicle and the Google car came to a stop as well.

Almost immediately after, another vehicle rear-ended the Google car at about 17 miles per hour – sensors show that the vehicle did not brake before impact. Google has blamed this and most of its accidents on distracted drivers.

Google’s exploration into self-driving cars has been highly scrutinized over the last several years as the company dives into uncharted waters.

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