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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Summer 2014

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As advocates of motorcycle accident victims, Peterson & Associates, P.C. helps families pursue justice. A recent tragic motorcycle accident in Kansas City, Kansas reveals the brutal driving conditions for motorcycle riders.

A Missouri resident is facing second-degree murder charges in Kansas after colliding with a motorcycle rider who died at the scene. The motorcycle rider was a 61 year-old resident of Kansas City, Missouri, and in fact, the driver was also from Missouri. The driver was intoxicated and hit the motorcyclist from behind. Melody Hinshaw was thrown from her motorcycle and died despite her helmet and goggles.

The most dangerous element facing motorcycle riders is other drivers who do not respect the motorcycle’s space or who are negligently driving while on drugs or while intoxicated. Though less than 2% of the vehicle crashes in Missouri involve motorcycles, more than 12% of fatalities involve a motorcycle.

Motorcycle riders are over represented when it comes to tragic and fatal accidents. In 96% of accidents of serious accidents involving a motorcycle, the rider is killed. Fatal motorcycle accidents end up resulting in criminal charges and investigations for surviving drivers.

Careful drivers and riders can avoid the tragedies associated with motorcycle accidents by paying attention. Motorcycle safety and awareness tips are especially vital because over 45% of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections. Motorcycle riders should:

  • Ensure that their lights are right
  • Check to see if turn signals work well
  • Position mirrors correctly
  • Take rider-defensive driving courses
  • Use helmets and jackets during every ride

Drivers can respect motorcycles by staying out of their lane, giving them the right of way, not tailgating them and watching out for motorcycles in the blind spots. Motorcycle safety on our roadways is a joint responsibility between all motorists on the road.

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