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New Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication Technolgies can Keep You and Your Family Safe

Aug 26, 2014

As the spread of autonomous vehicle communication capabilities continues, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed new rules governing “vehicle-to-vehicle technology.”

Vehicle-to-vehicle technology is not an area of automotive safety that is currently under regulation. This is largely because the technology is fairly new. One key aspect of vehicle-to-vehicle technology is the communication capabilities. The NHTSA is pushing for the technology to become standard in all new vehicles in a bid to reduce car accidents and car accident fatalities.

United States Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, estimates that broad use of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology could reduce accidents by 70-80 percent in cases where the drivers are not intoxicated or otherwise impaired. “V2V technology represents the next great advance in saving lives,” explained Foxx.

It is expected that within the next ten years, the majority of cars in the U.S. will have some form of vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology. The technology allows cars to do share data about:

  • The speed of surrounding vehicles and upcoming traffic
  • The positioning of other cars
  • The turn signals and anticipated lane changes of other vehicles
  • Probability of accidents

The two safety applications that are prominent in the NHTSA’s proposed rules is the use of Left Turn Assist and (LTA) and Intersection Movement Assist (IMA). The NHTSA estimates that 592,000 crashes could be avoided. LTA and IMA will prevent common 4-way intersection accidents, blind-spot accidents and speeding vehicles.

Once this technology is fully deployed, many car accidents can be avoided because the technology allows vehicles to autonomously make decisions to avoid catastrophic situations. Additionally, cars will be able to reveal vehicles in blind spots, update traffic conditions, share optimum green light traffic information and warn drivers about cars that may run a red light.

Of course there are also privacy concerns that can arise from automatic wireless vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies. The car companies such as Volvo, who are driving the development of these technologies, are well aware of the potential security risks.

The systems are designed to protect personal information about the vehicle or driver. The scope of the information that is shared is very limited. The cars will be communicating primarily about road, traffic and safety-relevant conditions and information.

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