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NHTSA Recall Evaluation Website Is Now Available

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With the recall notices from auto companies continuing to pile up, consumers have been left floundering as to which cars are suffering from safety defects. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced a new federal initiative to streamline the recall process for consumers.

On August 19, 2014, the federal agency launched a simple recall website that allows car owners to retrieve the recall history of their vehicles and determine whether they were ever fixed. The website simply requires the car owner to type in the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN in order to retrieve the vehicle’s history.

The NHTSA is requiring all of the major automakers to provide data for the website. Recalled vehicles 15 years old or younger must have their recall notices and histories uploaded into the database.

Checking To See If Your Vehicle Experienced A Recall

If you are concerned about whether your car has been subject to a recall notice or whether it was ever fixed, you can go to the recall look-up website. The website will be updated weekly so be sure to check back frequently. All of the cars that have been recalled and that are model years from 1999-2014 will be listed in the database.

Additionally, consumers can access the recall histories on individual automaker websites. The federal agency is requiring all automakers to provide a link on their websites that leads consumers to an easily searchable recall database. In creating this tool, the NHTSA has provided used car owners with a powerful tool to determine whether the car they are considering purchasing is in fact a good buy.

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