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Missouri Legislators Try to Ban Palcohol

Categorized as Auto Accidents, Dangerous Drugs

Recently, federal safety regulators approved the sale of a new alcohol product sold under the brand name Palcohol.

Palcohol is a liquor condensed into powder and easily mixed with liquids to create a cocktail. The product will be easy to transport and comes in several formulations, including rum, margarita, vodka and cosmopolitans.

While the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved the sale of these products expected to be available summer 2015, state lawmakers are much more concerned.

In fact, five states have already banned the sale of powdered alcohol and another 15 states are considering legislation to limit its sales within their borders.

State lawmakers are particularly concerned that the new product targets adolescent youth who will be able to easily hide their consumption of alcohol.

Concerned Missouri lawmakers have submitted bills to ban the use, consumption and sale of Palcohol products in the state.

Additionally, medical health professionals have pointed out that the powder may be snorted by teens or mixed with other drugs thereby causing a dangerous cocktail.

In response to all of these concerns, the creator of Palcohol has argued that the product is very safe and that individuals would be forced to use it responsibly because it would require too much powder to be abused.

As car accident lawyers, we have seen the devastation caused by negligent and intoxicated drivers. We are especially concerned that a powdered form of alcohol would increase the likelihood of drinking and driving.

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