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CDC: Millions Drive Drunk Each Month

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A new study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), based on 2012 data, revealed that 4.2 million people admitted to driving under the influence at least once in the last month. That would mean that there are approximately 121 drunk driving instances every year.

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Who is the usual drunk driver?

Young males between the ages of 21 to 34 with histories of binge drinking represent typical drunk drivers, making up one-third of all drunk driving incidents. Men of all ages make up 80 percent of the total number of impaired incidents.

Adults make up four percent of the binge drinking category in which men drink five or more drinks per occasion and women drink four or more drinks in one occasion.

Dr. Scott Krakower, a specialist in alcohol abuse issues, states that “binge drinking is rampant among the young.” Encouraging people with drinking issues to seek treatment, he also reiterates sound advice – do not drink and drive a motor vehicle.

How to reduce fatalities

Amy Jewett, a lead CDC investigator, states that, if states crack down on drunk driving, fatalities can decrease. Here are ways she suggests that states can get tougher on drunk driving:

  • Require ignition interlocks (in-car breathalyzers)
  • Increase roadside sobriety checkpoints
  • Increase taxes on alcohol
  • Get tougher about on underage drinking

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