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A woman died on August 25, 2015, after losing control of her vehicle while traveling the wrong-way on Interstate 29.

Around 4:30 p.m., she was traveling north in the southbound lanes of the interstate when she lost control of her Honda Accord, which rolled into the grass median separating traffic lanes on the highway at the overpass at Cookingham Drive. The vehicle then plummeted onto road below.

Witnesses stated that the vehicle went airborne off of the overpass, where it crashed into a concrete barrier between traffic lanes on the road below.

The woman was the only person in the vehicle – she was pronounced dead at the scene. Despite the accident occurring during rush hour traffic, no other vehicles were involved in the crash and no other injuries were reported.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but authorities did report that prescription medication was found in the vehicle. They are working to determine if the woman suffered from a medical condition or if she was impaired while driving.

The Dangers of Wrong-Way Drivers

Although drivers traveling the wrong-way are rare, they often lead to very serious car accidents resulting in severe injuries and death.

The most common scenario that leads to a wrong-way car driver is when a vehicle enters a freeway through the wrong entrance ramp and travels in the opposite direction of traffic. This type of incident generally happens at night or with impaired drivers, but poorly marked entrance ramps can also contribute to the frequency of this type of wrong-way driving.

If you encounter a wrong-way driver while on the highway, you should move into the right lane and pull over to the side of the road out of harm’s way. Your left lane will most likely be the lane that the wrong-way driver believes is the correct lane to travel.

If you have been involved in a wrong-way crash, our auto accident attorneys can help you get the justice you deserve. We have years of experience representing the injured in Kansas City and do not get paid unless you win.