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Kansas City School Bus Accident Lawyers

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Thousands of children in Kansas City and across the state of Missouri ride the school bus to and from school each day. Parents trust that their children will be transported safely; they expect that bus drivers are well-trained and perform their jobs properly, and that the buses themselves are safe and working correctly. While the majority of school bus trips are conducted without incident, accidents can still happen.

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Types of School Bus Accidents

Any school bus accident involving children can be traumatic, for both students and parents. When you think of an accident involving a school bus, you likely picture a vehicle collision, but in fact there are many different types of school bus accidents that can occur. Types of school bus accidents include:

  • Bus collisions with vehicles or objects
  • School buses which run over children
  • Children who were allowed off the bus at the wrong bus stop
  • Children left behind on the bus
  • Accidents involving mechanical failures

The types of school bus accidents mentioned above are typically the result of negligence. Bus drivers are required to follow designated routes and check the bus for children upon completing the route. They also must do their jobs free of drugs and alcohol.

School administration officials may have failed to properly protect students from dangerous persons and situations. Transportation companies can be negligent in their hiring and training of school bus drivers, and may fail to perform the required inspection and maintenance tasks which are needed to keep their buses safe.

School Bus Accident Injuries

Depending on the type of school bus accident, these incidents can leave children with both physical and emotional injuries. If your child has suffered an injury resulting from a school bus accident, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in holding the responsible parties accountable for the actions which harmed your child. An attorney will also assist you in pursuing a case for financial compensation, which can cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and other expenses related to the accident.

If your child was injured by a school bus accident, contact Peterson & Associates, P.C. of Kansas City today. Our legal team of experienced personal injury lawyers will be happy to review your case and inform you of your options under the law.