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Google Is Building a Driverless Car Business

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“Self-driving cars” sounds like something out of science fiction, but these are already on the road in some cities and may be hitting the mass market sooner than you think.

Driverless Competition for Uber

Under Alphabet Inc., Google plans to utilize their autonomous vehicle fleet as a ride-for-hire service. To date, Google’s driverless vehicles have driven more than one million miles, mainly in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX. These cities are the likely launching points for Google’s ride-for-hire service, which will utilize both small and large vehicles.

Advancing the Driverless Car Market

While approximately 33 percent of U.S. consumers show interest in purchasing autonomous vehicles, the remaining 66 percent are hesitant of control issues. Ride-for-hire services utilizing self-driving automobiles could be the introduction Americans need to become comfortable with the technology.

Driverless Car Safety Concerns

As driverless cars become a reality, safety concerns have come up. California recently proposed a measure requiring a steering wheel, throttle, and brakes in all driverless cars, as well as a human driver to be behind the wheel of such vehicles at all times, prepared to take control of the vehicle in the event of a malfunction.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued guidelines for driverless cars in 2013, but due to the quick rate of technological advancements, these guidelines could now be considered outdated.

The guidelines are being reviewed to make sure they are not preventing innovations from being developed. The NHTSA now is working on how driverless cars should be regulated, in efforts to avoid inconsistent rules from one state to the next.

As more driverless cars appear on our roads, this may raise questions about liability in car accidents. However, with over 94% of accidents attributed to driver error, these cars may be a safety boon.

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