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GM Secretly Settles With Family of Woman Killed by Defective Ignition Switch

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The family of Brooke Melton, a young woman who died in 2010, has come to a settlement with auto giant, General Motors (GM).

In 2010, Melton was driving a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt on Georgia highway when the ignition switch turned from the on position to the accessory position. This turned off the airbags and when Melton was later involved in an accident the airbags failed to deploy and killed her.

The family sued GM for wrongful death and settled with the company for $5 million in 2013. Unfortunately, for GM, during the depositions of the first lawsuit, company officials admitting to knowing about the defects in the ignition switches as early as ten years ago.

The family, infuriated that the company knowingly sold defective cars, sued the company a second time. This time, the Meltons alleged that General Motors sold defective vehicles to the public knowingly. Through their attorney, the Meltons stated that they sued a second time in order to get General Motors to admit that they were aware of and intentionally concealed the dangerous defects.

Unlike the terms of the first settlement which were made public, the details of this second settlement have not been shared with the public. A GM spokesperson announced that the Meltons and the family did reach a settlement.

Despite the secrecy of this most recent settlement, this successful lawsuit is a victory for safety advocates. More than two million GM vehicles have been recalled across the nation to repair the defective ignition switches that can lead to death.

There are thousands of cases still pending against GM and the company’s is actively fending off multiple multi-district litigation proceedings.

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