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Great News: Red-Light Camera Refunds

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The Kansas City Star reports that approximately 200,000 residents of the greater Kansas City Area who have paid red-light camera fines dating back to 2009 may qualify for a partial refund.

Recently, a class action lawsuit filed against American Traffic Solutions (the company that operated red-light cameras in Missouri) was settled for $16 million. The settlement has not yet been approved, but preliminary reports indicate that individuals who paid fines between 2005 and November 2013 will be entitled to a 20 percent refund for each violation paid.

The city’s fees were $100/violation and so most individuals are likely to receive only $20. There are several additional cases pending regarding the red-light cameras in front of the Missouri State Supreme Court that will be decided later in the year.

The refund claims process is very streamlined. The settlement administrator has already mailed postcard claim forms to affected individuals. The post cards contain an individualized ID and a website where claimants can fill out their information and request their refund.

Refunds will not be mailed until the judge in the case approves the settlement. American Traffic Solutions released a statement asserting that they decided to settle because of the uncertainty inherent in continued litigation. In essence, it was cheaper for the company to settle the case than continue to fight the class action lawsuit.

If you live in the Kansas City area and you paid a fine, keep an eye out for your claims post card in the mail.

Fill out as soon as you can and wait for your free unexpected money!