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Could Large Car Displays Create More Distracted Drivers?

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Oversized and technology-rich dashboard displays in cars are growing in demand. According to Automotive News, customers want them, and carmakers are ready to supply them.

But all of this new technology begs the question: Is it safe, or will it lead to even more distracted drivers? Experts and policy makers line both sides of the fence on the issue.

According to the Center for Disease Control, distracted drivers accounted for one in five crashes in 2011. It is a growing problem that is further fueled by the fact that Americans as a whole can’t put their cellphones down.

Some lawmakers like Joe Simitian, who spearheaded California’s legislation against texting and driving, consider the new displays to be a serious public safety issue that legislators could struggle with for years to come.

Currently, regulation on the computerized displays, which have similar functions to a cellphone, is very limited. Federal motor vehicle standards simply require that the brightness of the displays be adjustable.

Some states forbid the airing of non-navigational videos while a vehicle is in motion. The auto industry as a whole has only issued voluntary guidelines that suggest that drivers be able to complete a task within a limited number of clicks.

While many automakers consider this new addition to vehicles as an added safety feature that could help drivers put down their cellphones, anything that pulls a drivers attention away from the road for even a couple of seconds greatly increases your risks for being involved in an accident.

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