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GM Identifies 124 Deaths Tied to Faulty Ignition Switch

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As the processing period comes to a close on the compensation fund created by General Motors (GM) to pay damages to victims of a faulty ignition switch, the fund has identified at least 124 deaths and 266 injuries that resulted from the defect.

The fund, run by attorney Kenneth Feinberg, has finished processing the 4,342 claims it received. Of those, 80 percent were deemed ineligible and 453 were considered deficient.

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According to the program’s deputy administrator, Camille Biros, the fund has made 280 compensation offers, of which 209 have been accepted and six have been rejected. Victim’s families are being offered at least $1 million each of the fund that is worth as much as $600 million.

Unfortunately, the carmaker continues to come under fire for its handling of the ignition switch that would turn off unexpectedly and shut off the car’s engine and safety features – a problem that the company hid from the public for more than a decade.

Countless victims have been turned away from the compensation fund because the fund only covers 2.59 million vehicles with a specific flaw.

However, an additional 10 million vehicles were subsequently recalled for a very similar problem, but have been excluded from the fund because GM recalled the vehicles immediately after discovering the problem and because no one inside the company attempted to cover up the defect.

This leaves numerous victims without compensation for their injuries and the loss of loved ones despite Congressional encouragement that the fund expand to include these victims.

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