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NHTSA Grappling with Autonomous Vehicle Regulation

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New high-tech features are popping up in vehicles across the country as automakers are committing to bringing hands-free technology and other semi-autonomous features to their cars.

The only problem? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other regulators have struggled to keep pace with the emerging technologies, leaving little guidance and regulation when it comes to making sure that all of these new features keep passengers safe.

The head of the NHTSA himself even admitted that they have a lot of catching up to do to ensure that these new vehicles are meeting current and future safety laws.

Currently, the lines between state and federal regulation of autonomous vehicles are blurred, with no clear indication as to who should take the lead in creating the parameters. One thing is for sure though, the NHTSA will have to play a large role in that process.

Currently, the safety regulator is reviewing federal vehicle safety rules to determine if the current self-driving systems, like Google’s autonomous vehicles, pose any issues. Their findings could potentially interfere with the upcoming release of Tesla Motors Inc’s autopilot system and General Motors Company’s super cruise – both of which take the control of the vehicle out of the hands of the driver under certain circumstances.

One of the main areas the NHTSA will have to focus on is standardization of safety features within the industry that will apply specifically to the technology.

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