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GM Approves 119 Death Claims Tied to a Defective Ignition Switch

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General Motors (GM) announced this week that it has approved 119 death compensation claims tied to a faulty ignition switch that was initially recalled in February of 2014.

The claims were approved as part of a fund set up by GM to compensate victims of the faulty auto part that led to a massive recall of 2.6 million vehicles and a federal investigation.

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More Death Claims Approved

The number of approved death claims have grown steadily from 19 in mid-September. In early May, the number of approved claims stood at 100, and just in the last week, GM has approved an additional two claims.

The deadline to file a claim was Jan. 31, and a breakdown of the total types of claims received includes:

  • 474 death claims
  • 289 Category One injury claims, which resulted in permanent brain damage, serious burns, quadriplegia, paraplegia, or double amputation
  • 3,579 Category two claims for injuries that required a hospital visit within 48 hours of an accident

To-date 362 claims have been determined eligible for compensation from the fund.

Criminal Investigation

GM delayed recalling any vehicles for almost a decade, even after some company employees became aware of the problem. The company also initially claimed last year that only 13 deaths were tied to the faulty ignition switch.

The U.S. Justice Department is currently deciding if it should charge GM criminally in connection with the delay. The charges would be in addition to a $1.2 billion fine.

It is not clear if federal prosecutors will seek charges against GM employees involved in the situation.

In May, the manufacturer paid $35 million in fines to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to resolve its investigation and agreed to up to three years of intense monitoring.

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