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Jeep Grand Cherokees Are Braking for No Reason

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A glitchy adaptive cruise control in newer Jeep Grand Cherokees could cause problems for advocates of the move to autonomous vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated Friday that it will begin an investigative probe into the autonomous braking system on new Grand Cherokee models after complaints that the vehicle will automatically brake for no reason, increasing the risk for rear-end collisions.

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The Jeeps in question are equipped with cruise control systems that automatically brake when the vehicle gets too close to an object in front of it. The system uses cameras and radar to identify cars and other objects in the way and then automatically brakes to avoid a collision.

The NHTSA has received nine complaints of the system braking with no pending threats in the path of the vehicle.

No crashes or injuries have been reported, but several of those who filed complaints cited near misses and a high frequency of the problem.

One owner stated that their vehicles will brake on its own every day that the vehicle is driven, even when it is the only vehicle on the road.

The investigation will cover about 20,000 Grand Cherokees from the 2014 model year. Owners who experience problems are encouraged to contact their dealerships for service. However, some complaints stated that the dealers were unable to duplicate or fix the problem.

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