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Officer Hospitalized After High-Speed Car Chase in KC

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Kansas City police officers arrested two people after a high-speed car chase caused a patrol car to crash into a truck.

The patrol car was on the way to provide assistance when the accident occurred on I-70 near Manchester on Monday afternoon.

The officer in the patrol car was heading north and the truck driver was driving south. The driver turned left in front of the patrol car.

The patrol car sustained serious damage. Pictures of the accident reveal that the entire front of the patrol car was smashed up.

The ultimate cause of the accident has not been determined yet. Police did not take the truck driver into custody for his role in the accident. Law enforcement officers also do not suspect alcohol or drug abuse to be involved in that accident.

The officer was injured and immediately transported to a local hospital for treatment. Neither the officer’s injuries nor the truck driver’s injuries are life threatening.

Officials took two suspects into custody who were involved in the high-speed chase. The men were arrested after wrecking their truck near Gardner and Hawthorne.

The high-speed chase began because multiple cars were illegally street racing stolen vehicles. Police began to pursue them and both the suspects and the police ended up going more than 90 mph.

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