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Ford Issues Recall for Power Steering Issue

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After pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford has issued a recall of nearly 423,000 vehicles because of a power steering issue.

In certain vehicles the power-assisted steering can fail while driving. The power steering can switch into manual mode, making the vehicle extremely difficult to control and increasing the risk for accidents.

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The NHTSA began investigating the Detroit-based manufacturer in October after receiving more than 500 complaints.

Ford initially resisted the regulator’s call for a recall arguing that the rate of complaints was low and the issue did not present an unreasonable safety risk.

Ford has stated that four accidents and no injuries have been tied to the issue. However, documents filed with the NHTSA reference that more than 30 incidents were reported by dealers and insurance companies about vehicles hitting guardrails, curbs, poles and other objects. Some owners also complained of sore shoulders and backs from trying to steer after losing steering.

The recall covers a number of vehicles including:

  • 2011-13 Ford Taurus and Flex
  • 2011-13 Lincoln MKS and MKT
  • 2011-12 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
  • 2011 Mercury Milan

According to a class action lawsuit filed in June, the issue could affect additional models, including the compact Focus.

Dealers will update problem vehicles by replacing the power steering gear or updating the power steering software.

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