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Honda Confirms 7th Takata-Related Death

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In a statement released by Honda on June 12, a Takata airbag explosion was confirmed as the cause of death in a Louisiana accident in April. This brings the total number of deaths linked to the defective airbags to seven.

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Notification Failures

According to a Honda spokesperson, the woman’s car was covered in a “safety improvement campaign” to replace defective Takata airbags in vehicles located in high-humidity locations, but she was never notified of the issue.

The campaign began in June 2014, but notifications were not mailed to consumers until September. The automaker said it “deeply regrets” that the notification did not reach the woman.

Automakers are required to notify drivers of recalled parts and vehicles within 60 days of telling regulators about the recall. However, because the vehicle was part of a “safety improvement campaign” that was reserved for high humidity areas, rather than a national campaign, the 60-day notification requirement does not apply.

This death marks the second time this year that a driver received a notification about a defective Takata airbag too late. Another victim died in an accident in January. Honda had not mailed a notification to the victim even though his vehicle was included in the June 2014 improvement campaign.

The April accident marks the seventh death tied to the defective Takata airbags, all of which occurred in Honda vehicles. More than 100 injuries have also been linked to the faulty product.

The massive Takata airbag recall is easily one of the most complicated auto recalls in history. The negligence by automakers and Takata have put millions of drivers’ lives at risk.

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