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Child Passenger Safety Week

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It is National Child Passenger Safety Week and a good time to review child passenger safety recommendations that parents can incorporate into day to day routines.

Driving with a child passenger means certain precautions should be taken to make sure your child is safe in your vehicle. The following are two important issues:

Seatbelts – Having your child buckle up is one of the most effective ways they can stay safe. This tip is not just a suggestion. It is the law. Children between the ages of eight and 15 must wear seatbelts at all times. If you choose to disobey the law, you may be ticketed by a police officer.

In order to work well, seatbelts need to be worn properly. The lap belt should come across your hips and the shoulder harness should be positioned on the shoulder and over the chest. Tucking the shoulder belt behind your child may result in injuries that are severe and even fatal.

Safety seats – Missouri law mandates that children eight and under must be safely fastened into either a booster or child safety seat. If your child is not properly secured, you can be ticketed by an officer.

  • If a child is under four years of age and weighs less than 40 pounds, your child passenger must be securely positioned in their child safety seat.
  • For children who are between four and seven years of age and weigh a minimum of forty pounds, they must also be in a booster or child safety seat, except for children who are 4’9” tall or 80 pounds.
  • Booster seats or seatbelts are necessary for children who are 4’9” tall or weigh a minimum of 80 pounds.

Were you in a car accident and your child was injured due to another driver’s aggressive or distracted driving.