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Study Suggests Link between Traumatic Brain Injury and Aggressive Driving

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The Accident Analysis and Prevention journal recently published new research that shows those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may have an increased risk of road rage.

According to data published in the journal, drivers who act aggressively while behind the wheel are more likely to get into an automobile accident. The correlation between automobile accidents and psychological issues, which may also be coupled with substance abuse, has already been established through prior studies; this latest study aimed to pinpoint the link between someone with a traumatic brain injury and automobile accidents involving aggressive driving.

For the purpose of the study, researchers defined a traumatic brain injury as a head injury causing the victim to fall unconscious for at least five minutes, or require an overnight hospital stay. Aggressive driving was defined as threatening harm to other motorists or causing damage to another vehicle.

Approximately 4,000 adult drivers between the ages of 18 to 97 were interviewed by Canadian researchers for this study. Their driving records were also reviewed. The data collected shows that those with one traumatic brain injury or more displayed drastically higher occurrences of aggressive driving. They were also more likely to get into an automobile accident which resulted in injury to themselves or others, as well as vehicle damage.

Despite this association, researchers say it is too early to state there is a casual relationship between traumatic brain injury and aggressive driving. Since a significant number of people have been affected by traumatic brain injuries, it is important to examine how they affect one’s driving behavior, which requires multiple cognitive processes and concentration.

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