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What Makes an Injury "Catastrophic?"

Jun 17, 2016

person in wheelchairIn any type of crash, medical malpractice issue, or other negligence-related incident, there is a potential for injury. While there are countless situations that result in minor injuries, there are times where an injury is considered catastrophic. What does this mean, though? What is the difference between a regular injury and a “catastrophic” injury? Most of us have heard this word before, usually in reference to something really major happening. This is similar in terms of an injury. A catastrophic injury refers to a serious, significant, and life-changing injury.

At Peterson & Associates, we have represented individuals who have sustained serious, catastrophic injuries. We know how these types of damages can alter someone’s entire life, making certain tasks more difficult or even impossible. Our Kansas City catastrophic injury lawyers understand how compensation can benefit the victim. First, though, it is important to understand what makes an injury catastrophic. We detail some of the injuries that may be considered catastrophic below so you know what to expect moving forward and what legal options you may have.


Whether in a car collision, a trucking collision, by medical malpractice, or because a defective product, any time a person loses a limb, this can affect their entire life. Amputations are serious types of injury that can mean anything from losing a hand to losing a leg. Depending on the situation and what caused the injury, a claim may seek damages that include new medical equipment such as a prosthetic leg or more.

Burn Injuries

Whether there was a fire in the home or some kind of workplace fire, if a person sustains a severe burn injury, they can deal with constant treatment over years. In some cases, these people require multiple skin grafts, surgery, and other treatment. If the burn is severe enough, it can damage the tissues inside the body.

Spinal Cord Injuries

If someone is rear-ended in a collision, or they fall one someone else’s dangerous premises, they can seriously hurt their spinal cord. This can result in paralysis, which varies regarding severity. Paralysis can be partial or total. Partial paralysis may effect some parts of the body below the point of injury, but not all. Total paralysis would result in complete loss of function below the point of the injury. These are serious injuries and often require the victim to undergo constant treatment and have to change their homes, vehicles, and way of life.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any kind of incident — from a car crash to a workplace injury to a slip and fall — can result in the victim hitting their head and causing a traumatic brain injury. This causes a wide range of problems for the victim, often including a comatose state or long-term loss of motor function. Traumatic brain injuries can result in memory loss, trouble speaking, issues with bodily function, and in some cases, death. The symptoms depend on the severity, the location, and what caused the injury to occur.

If someone else’s negligence resulted in any type of catastrophic injury, it’s important to fully understand your rights and legal options. You can take legal action with the help of skilled Kansas City catastrophic injury attorneys like our team at Peterson & Associates, P.C.™ We take the necessary steps to examine your entire case and build a strategy based on the evidence we are able to find. You shouldn’t have to suffer the hardships associated with a catastrophic injury. Allow our team to stand by your side every step of the way and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

Call us today and learn what legal options you may have.

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