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Can Third-Party Companies Be Held Liable In a Car Accident?

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Consider this scenario: You’re driving down the road and stop at a red light. Out of nowhere, you’re rear-ended by another vehicle. You and the other driver both sustain injuries, but the driver in the car behind you hit the brakes.

What could this mean? Is the driver responsible for the accident?

Unfortunately, these types of situations happen and understanding liability is a key component in seeking legal action. One thing to note, though, is that in this type of accident, it’s entirely possible that neither you nor the other driver are responsible for the damages.

This is where one must consider third-party companies and their role in the crash.

How Third-Party Companies Can Be Responsible

In the scenario we presented, both parties in the car accident are harmed, despite the driver who rear-ended the other one using their brakes. In these types of situations, it must be considered whether or not the brakes actually failed on the vehicle, preventing the driver from avoiding the accident.

If brakes are bad, there must be additional information before determining liability. Of course, the driver would be considered liable if they did not properly maintain their brakes in order to prevent them from going bad.

In another situation, if the brakes were defective due to a manufacturing error, this would be the fault of the company responsible for making the brakes. In this case, both drivers harmed may take action against a third-party company.

Proving Fault

Hiring someone to represent you gives you a strong understanding of what liability and fault look like in these types of situations. You need someone who can identify defects and what causes them, as well as whether or not the defect caused the accident.

Our firm recognizes how defective items can impact a car crash and our Kansas City personal injury attorneys work hard to help you prove liability and fault. At Peterson & Associates, P.C., we focus on seeking the compensation our clients need.

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