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Why Do Insurance Companies Try to Protect Their Clients in DUI Accidents?

Categorized as Auto Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents

We all know that drunk driving accidents are wrong. Driving while intoxicated is an illegal act that can lead to serious consequences for the driver, and anyone he or she may collide with on the road. However, in civil legal matters, insurance companies are quick to combat these types of claims.

Knowing they’re wrong, why would an insurance company attempt to keep liability off their client? Why would they allow such a blatant act to go unpunished through the civil claim and allow the victim to suffer through the financial, emotional, and physical hardships of a crash?

The answer is quite simple: money.

Insurance Companies Are All About Their Bottom Line

We all expect that the insurance company is supposed to be looking out for people who need them. However, just like many other large businesses and corporations, insurance companies are often looking out for one thing and one thing only; their profits.

The bottom line is that insurance companies may often try to limit liability so they can pay a minimal amount to the plaintiff. They want to avoid paying out the maximum amount of compensation to the injured party, so instead, they defend the actions of their own policyholders and try to turn the tables.

Because of this, plaintiffs should ensure that they are being represented by skilled legal counsel who understands these types of situations. Your attorney may be able to seek the maximum compensation you deserve, despite the insurance company’s attempt to minimize a claim.

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