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Speeding in Missouri: Basic Speeding Law vs. Absolute Speed Limits

Dec 13, 2019

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Missouri is rather unique when it comes to speeding laws in the state. There are two types of speeding laws: “basic speeding law” and “absolute speed limits.” Read on to learn more.

Basic Speeding Law

The basic speeding law in Missouri states that drivers should travel “at a rate of speed so as not to endanger the property of another or the life or limb of any person.” That is to say, drivers must travel at safe speeds at all times. Safe speeds are not universal and depend not only on the kind of road you’re on, but also on the particular road conditions present at the time you’re driving.

In addition to being dangerous, driving at unsafe speeds can lead to a careless and imprudent driving judgment, which is Missouri’s reckless driving law.

Absolute Speed Limits

Missouri’s absolute speed limits are clear and simple. If the absolute speed limit is 60 miles per hour (mph) and you travel at a higher rate of speed than that, you’ve broken the law. The following are Missouri’s absolute speed limits:

  • Rural interstates and freeways - 70 mph
  • Rural expressways - 65 mph
  • Interstate highways, freeways, and express in urban areas - 60 mph

Absolute speed limits are almost always posted.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

If you violate Missouri’s basic speeding law, you can receive a class B misdemeanor. Consequently, you may need to serve up to six months of jail time or pay a maximum fine of $1,000.

If you violate Missouri’s absolute speed limit, you can receive a class C misdemeanor and be required to serve up to 15 days of jail time or pay a maximum fine of $750. Conversely, if you surpass the absolute speed limit by five mph or less, you’ll receive an infraction.

In addition, a speeding infringement has the potential to add points to your driving record, depending on how fast you were going. If you accumulate too many points on your record, your license may be suspended or revoked.

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