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Car Accident Claim Myths: What’s True vs. What’s False?

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Needing to file a claim after a car accident can seem like a tedious task, especially when so many people have conflicting stories regarding the process involving the insurance companies. While there are a lot of truths out there, there are also several obstacles about which you should know.

Below, we provide some of the truths and some of the false statements that exist regarding the car accident claims-filing process. Here are some of the things that you should know after a car accident and moving forward.

Everyone Is Required to Carry Insurance

Every licensed driver in the state of Missouri is required to carry the minimum amount of insurance coverage. If the person who causes a car accident doesn’t have insurance, you may have to rely on your own uninsured motorist coverage to get the compensation you need.

Your Insurance Company Pays Out Compensation

With regards to who pays out compensation, it is dependent on who is responsible for the crash and what insurance coverage exists. If someone else is negligent, their insurance company is responsible for paying out. If they don’t have insurance, your insurance may be responsible. If you caused the crash, your insurance is responsible.

Either way, the insurance company may be hesitant to pay out full compensation.

Minimum Limits are Enough for Coverage

You may think that you’re good if you have the minimum coverage required by law. Unfortunately, there are many accidents that occur when damages exceed the minimum limits by the policy. It can mean that you’re responsible for all expenses beyond the minimum limits.

Most Car Accidents Occur Within Blocks of Our Own Homes

Never underestimate the potential dangers on the road. Many of the accidents that occur do so within just a few blocks of your own home, meaning there are numerous dangers you may encounter regardless of how far you have to travel. Always operate your vehicle with caution.

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