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What are the 100 Deadliest Days?

Categorized as Auto Accidents

We have entered what is considered one of the most dangerous times of the year. The summer months—specifically the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day—are considered the 100 deadliest days for a number of different reasons.

It’s imperative you understand what dangers exist, why they exist, and the ways that you can stay safe on the road. Here are some of the biggest problems associated with the 100 deadliest days.

Increased Teen Driving

The summer is when many of the younger drivers are officially out of school. Unfortunately, these are also some of the most inexperienced drivers and the increase in traffic can prove to be problematic for all those on the road.

Not only are teens less experienced, they may also be more distracted with the use of their cell phones and with the potential of other teens in the vehicle. Distractions prove to be one of the highest percentages when determining cause of accidents involving teenage drivers.

Increased Traffic and Tourism

The summer months bring more people to the area as a popular visitor destination. With that comes drivers who may not know the area and more traffic of which to be concerned. More traffic creates more troubles.

Summer Weather Dangers

In the summer, extreme heat can be dangerous and create issues for all vehicles on the road. For instance, heat can cause the pressure in the tire to expand and cause a blowout. Also, it can cause problems with your engine if your coolant levels are low, which can cause it to overheat and your car to break down suddenly.

At Peterson & Associates, we understand how dangerous the roads can be in the summer. It’s important for you to stay safe at all times. However, there are times when negligence is present and you may not be able to prevent an accident from occurring.

If you’re hurt as a result of a crash caused by someone else’s actions, our team is here to help. Our Kansas City car accident attorneys are here to protect your best interests and pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

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