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Is a Recorded Statement Required After a Car Crash?

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We receive a lot of questions from individuals involved in a car accident, including one of the most common: “do I need to provide the other person’s insurance company with a recorded statement after the accident?”

This is a common concern that many individuals have—and rightfully so. After all, a recorded statement does nothing to truly help the injured party and is all about helping the insurance company. To help, we’ve provided some information below regarding why the insurance company makes this request, and whether or not it’s a requirement.

Why the Insurance Company Wants a Recorded Statement

For an insurance company, any evidence that can be used to limit their own liability means money in their pocket. They are able to find statements you make and attempt to use them against you as some form of admission of fault.

If they can successfully use a recorded statement against you, it gives them the opportunity to either limit the amount of compensation they have to pay out based on comparative negligence or have the claim dismissed completely—paying out nothing to you.

What are My Rights When Requested to Provide a Recorded Statement?

If you’ve been asked by the negligent party’s insurance company to provide a recorded statement, know that you have specific rights that you can evoke. One of the most important is the right to have a lawyer present when having the conversation.

By having a lawyer present—and sometimes even having the lawyer speak with the insurance company on your behalf—you can fully protect your rights. This involves avoiding certain statements that may contradict your initial report of the accident, as well as admissions of guilt.

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