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Which Injuries are Categorized as Catastrophic?

Jul 16, 2019

When it comes to any legal matter involving personal injury law, it’s easy for any person to consider their injury as serious. However, the law looks at the severity of the injury differently and there are only a few they consider to be catastrophic.

Typically, when these types of injuries exist, there are additional factors to consider when going through the claims-filing process or lawsuit. It’s imperative for those who suffer these types of injuries to pursue the compensation they need as the effects associated with catastrophic injuries can cause lifelong disabilities.

What Makes an Injury "Catastrophic?"

Most of us have heard the term catastrophic injury before, but what does this mean, though? What is the difference between a regular injury and a “catastrophic” injury? A catastrophic injury refers to a serious, significant, and life-changing injury. While these injuries can be treated, they typically cannot be fully healed.

We want individuals to recognize the different types of injuries considered catastrophic under the law so they can recognize what rights they have moving forward. If you’ve suffered from any of these injuries, you should speak with a lawyer about what you can do to take legal action against the negligent party.

The catastrophic injuries are most commonly:

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To learn more about the different types of catastrophic injuries, continue reading below.

The Impact of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Suffering a traumatic brain injury can have a lifelong impact on a victim. The immediate effects can include short term memory loss, headaches, nausea, pain, and even some cognitive problems. It can impact orientation, balance, and coordination.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in a number of different negligent-related ways, including the following:

  • Car accidents: Typically, TBIs occur in car accidents when the passenger’s head strikes a part of the vehicle and the jolt causes the brain to rattle inside the skull.
  • Slips and falls: When someone is “up-ended” (their feet go above their head) during a slip and fall, they can land their head on the concrete, causing serious damage.
  • Acts of violence: Whether the skull is penetrated or the injury is caused by trauma to the brain, acts of violence can serve to be a serious cause of this type of injury.

Brain injuries require long-term medical care and should be taken seriously, regardless of how mild they may seem initially.

How Severe are Spine Injuries?

Spine injuries can vary in terms of how severe they are with some victims suffering from bulging discs or even whiplash caused by a rear-end collision. However, the most severe types of these injuries can leave the victim paralyzed.

Regardless of the situation, spine injuries can lead to long-term disability, including immobilization of limbs and trouble walking. Because of the lifelong impact of a spine injury, it’s important for those affected to take legal action to pursue compensation.

What Happens After a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries can lead to physical and mental pain and suffering. This can also result in the need of a skin graft and other surgical procedures to help relieve the pain. The most significant burn injuries can result in nerve damage, meaning the victim may not feel the pain of the injury itself, but the mental anguish that comes with this type of injury can be seriously damaging.

Burn injuries can be mild or severe, but regardless of how they are labeled, if they are caused by negligence, the responsible party should be held accountable for his or her actions.

Internal Organ Damage Can Be Fatal

In many crashes and other negligent-related acts, internal organ damage can occur causing the kidneys, liver, lungs, or another part of the body to suffer significant harm. In turn, the organ may shut down requiring immediate medical attention.

In some situations, if the organ is punctured (such as by a broken bone), internal bleeding may occur. If undetected, internal bleeding can become a fatal problem, so it’s important for on-site medical professionals to recognize signs of internal bleeding.

How Do Amputations Occur?

Amputations are sometimes related to various health issues that a person may have, but they can also occur as the result of an accident or when there’s an infection in a specific limb. Even if someone has a cancerous tumor in a limb, amputation may be chosen to help prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Should an amputation occur as a result of someone’s trauma or negligence, the victim can pursue compensation for damages associated with the injury. This can include costs of medical care and medical equipment and the loss of enjoyment in life.

The Most Serious Broken Bones

Broken bones can occur in falls from heights, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and nearly any other situation where negligence is involved. However, some broken bones can be more serious than others because of the long-term pain and problems associated with it.

For instance, broken ribs or a broken sternum can require multiple medical treatments and the damage to the bones can threaten other parts of the body. Similarly, broken arms or legs may impact someone’s ability to work.

Get Help from Experienced Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

In any case, when a catastrophic injury is caused by someone else’s negligent actions, the victim of the accident has the right to pursue compensation. This requires the help of a knowledgeable Kansas City catastrophic injury lawyer who knows how to protect the rights of the injured.

At Peterson & Associates, we put your best interests at the top of our priority list. Your needs matter to us and we’ll stop at nothing to hold a responsible party accountable for their actions. Our goal? To help you pursue the justice and the compensation necessary to move forward.

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